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  • made of high quality PVC material
  • much thicker and wider panels, chambered
  • semi-matt with wood grain
  • connected by rigid, strong hinges
  • extendible (up to 1.61 m)
  • possibility to shorten the door to the glass height (on your own)
  • they have a convenient closing handle, so called “handle-knob”, and a lock with a key
  • scratch resistant, easy to maintain
  • complete assembly kit and installation instructions include
  • door opening direction – universal (left / right)


Available built-in widths: 86 cm
installation door width: 86 cm
door height: 203 cm
panel width: 16 cm
panel thickness: 1 cm
width of folding doors: up to 1,61 m
door extension possibility: 101/116/131/146/161cm

Door expansion – to 161 cm width

Attention! When ordering expanded doors, the client receives the doors with a standard width and the panels for self-expansion. 

* dimensional tolerance +/-5% Due to the specificity of the accordion door, the dimensions of the hole should be a few cm narrower than the doors.

You can buy a lock for your doors in the relevant colour: