Standom sp. z o.o. has been producing and selling accordion doors for more than 20 years.
We’re a market leader, and we owe our position to innovation in design and technology. We create our doors with the passion to meet the various needs of our clients.
We introduce worldwide trends to small apartments and we adapt them to the financial needs of buyers. We create classic models (Classic series), elegant with distinct wood grains, matched to floor panels (Forte series) and avant-garde (Young Print Collection).

Our accordion doors are produced from the highest quality PVC material.
• All patterns are durable, prints – not veneer. Easy in maintaining and use.
• Very simple assembly, no specialist required. They can be installed on each hole, in the existing door frame: wooden, concrete, metal or plasterboard.
• All elements necessary for assembly are included. Each of them can be expanded and narrowed to match the existing door opening.

Classic series

 In this series, we offer doors both with and without glass, in soft or rigid hinges, closed with a magnet or a handle-knob with a key. Door designs are classic, the most common types of wood.

Forte series

In this series, we offer you a rich, elegant design. Door designs with distinct wood grains, matched to floor panels.

Young Print

The collection of accordion doors with print meets the newest trends in interior design. Created with passion, it makes the interior unique.


Door upholstery used to be very popular, nowadays it’s experiencing its renaissance thanks to modern design.

There are at least a few reasons for this. The two most important are related to the basic functions of upholstery, i.e. improving thermal and acoustic insulation.

Few people know that thanks to the usage of upholstery, doors can be sealed, preventing the escape of heat and blows of cold wind from the staircase.

Besides limiting the losses of heat and as a result – heating costs, door upholstery to a great extent will reduce the noise coming from the staircase, thus improving comfort in the apartment and protecting our privacy. It’s a perfect solution for people who care about a calm, intimate atmosphere where they live. etc.

Glamour series

A collection created for those, who want to connect the aesthetics of space with functional solutions

Steampunk Loft

The door upholstery inspired by steampunk loft is distinguished by simple, yet expressive design. This aesthetics makes the door upholstery perfectly match the interior and naturally smarten it

Modern series

It’s a modern, quilted, glued upholstery made of beautiful Polish eco-leather in colours corresponding to modern trends


The traditional pattern blends in with both modern and elegant interiors. Available in 6 colours of popular floor panels and interior doors, in order to perfectly fit the remaining elements of our joinery.